Kromfohrländer vom Hamburger Elbstrand
Zuchtstätte für glatthaarige Kromfohrländer


If you are planning a trip to the south of Europe, you should definitely protect your dog (and yourself) from leishmaniasis transmitted by mosquitoes. There are various recommendations such as vaccination, spot-on, collar etc. to avoid such trips or to accommodate the dog at home. Due to global warming and the import of infected dogs from high-risk areas, leishmaniasis is also becoming an increasingly important topic in this country.

We ourselves would follow the advice of our veterinarian on such a trip and use a Scalibor collar for the time. She advises against vaccination because the side effects are quite considerable and the vaccination protection is also insufficient.

Further information on protection and prophylaxis can be obtained from the veterinarian Dr. Ralph Rückert summarized in his blog. You can also find a lot of information on this and other topics at ESCCAP.

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