Kromfohrländer vom Hamburger Elbstrand
Zuchtstätte für glatthaarige Kromfohrländer

Before Breeding

Before I went to a dog wedding with Doola for the first time at the end of December 2013, it took some preparation. After visiting an exhibition in Steinhausen and inspecting the breeding facility, at that time still through the RZV, I completed several VDH breeder training courses.

Even today I still regularly attend training courses such as the workshops at Hansehund, including a workshop on body language and communication between humans and dogs, a video workshop on body language and communication between dogs and a first aid course for dogs. In 2019, I took part in  a seminar on the biopsychological foundations of dog personalities as well as lectures on behavioral and population genetics, and in 2020 I attendet my first Canis seminar. I also enjoy online seminars.. You can find certificates of some of my further training HERE

The small population of the Kromfohrländer breed presents a great challenge, espacially with regards to health, when the stud book is closed. That's why I decided to take part in the crossbreeding project at Prokromfohrländer e.V. Doola was admitted for breeding after the prescribed health examination including full gene analysis at Genoscoper in Finland (MyDogDNA) and a character test for breeding. Later we did the same with Liesi and Devi. Because of the particularly difficult situation wiht "Von Willebrand Disease", but also as a general precaution, no Kromfohrländer should be mated without genetic engineering (this also applies to other breeds in my opinion), because this is the only way to keep the risk of an inheritable disease low. More on this under Crossbreeding Project and Genetics. More information about the health of the Kromfohrländer can be found HERE. Do not be afraid to ask your breeder about such tests. In our club they are mandatory, but there are also breeders who choose to do so voluntarily, such as Birgit Turnhöfer in her kennel "vom Schloss Judenau".

There is always new knowledge in dog breeding and veterinary medicine. So it goes without saying for me to stay up to date here. Books like Dr. Helga Eichelberg's "Hundezucht" (unfortunately out of stock) and Dr. Irene Sommerfeld-Sturs "Rassehundezucht - Genetik für Züchter und Halter" are ideal advisors and should be found in every breeder's household. Inge Hansen's "Handbuch der Hundezucht" with homeopathic advice is also very interesting.
We are fortunate to live close to the best veterinarian in the world, Dr. Katrin Wüstmann. Her commitment goes far beyond the usual. She has long supported us with a lot of love and expertise in all matters of the health of our dogs and our breeding.
With this in mind, I hope that through my kennel and its many supporters I can contribute to the recovery and preservation of the wonderful breed of the Kromfohrländer. Thank you very much for your interest.

Sincerely, Astrid Möller vom Hamburger Elbstrand